TacoLoco Network Review

Not just a traffic source

Two years ago, I wrote an article introducing this traffic source titled 《Push界的Dating Member Area流量源Tacolo.co介绍》. At that time, I only introduced their Advertiser side, but now you can also use their Publisher side to monetize your surplus traffic.

In the traffic source, they have added some new features and ad formats, such as In-Page Push and Direct Clicks.

This article will introduce the new features and functionalities added to their Advertiser side, as well as the strategies for using their Publisher side.


You can sign up here: https://my.tacolo.co/signup/?utm_source=maxjmac&utm_medium=article2

Traffic Chart


Compared to the previous Traffic Chart, you can see that the platform has added categories like In-Page Push and Direct Clicks. Through this filter, you can know how much traffic of each type is available in different geos in the past 24 hours.

When switching to In-Page Push or Direct Clicks, you can even see the traffic size for each OS. Unlike Classic Push, In-Page Push and Direct Clicks can be delivered to iOS devices.


New Campaign


The Ad Format has also added two new types, In-Page Push and Direct Clicks. The difference is that when you choose the In-Page Push ad format in the Traffic Type section, there is a new option called Premium Dating. According to the description below, this is a high-quality type of traffic. Of course, the price will also be correspondingly higher, but it is very worthwhile for those who are running Dating ads to test.


In the Targeting section, an option for Campaign Vertical has been added. When creating a Classic Push campaign, there will be a switch for Include InPage Push Ads at the bottom, which is enabled by default. Personally, I suggest that it’s better to create separate campaigns for different types of traffic.

Overall, the quality of traffic from this source is very good, with almost no fraudulent activity. You just need to focus on optimizing your Funnel.


You can sign up here: https://my.tacolo.co/signup/?utm_source=maxjmac&utm_medium=article2

I’ve previously introduced methods for monetizing surplus traffic. The Traffic Back feature available on the Publisher side of TacoLoco allows you to collect Push monetization while redirecting to a corresponding smartlink for further monetization. The Push collection Landing Pages they provide are excellent and can bring a good subscription rate, thereby further enhancing the value of surplus traffic.


Since using their platform, I have also earned over $4000 in surplus revenue.

Before introducing the specific settings, let’s take a look at what’s available in their backend.



This actually lets you know where the traffic is more valuable. LTV (Lifetime Value) refers to the average value that each collected push can bring, and here it is differentiated between Mobile and Desktop.


In the case of In-Page Push, there is no concept of LTV, because In-Page Push is essentially a type of Display traffic. Here, the value is shown in terms of CPM, which is the value brought by a thousand impressions.

Traffic Sources


There are mainly two types: one is for your own website, and the other is for obtaining traffic through other means.

For your own website, it involves adding your website, obtaining a code, and then placing it on your site to monetize the traffic.

How to configure

I will mainly introduce the Stream method. After clicking the + Stream button, a dialog box like the following will pop up:


Enter a name here, then choose the corresponding Traffic Type (Mainstream/Dating) for your traffic, and click Save Stream to save.


Then, under the Stream you just created, click the + New Push Link button, and a dialog box like the following will pop up:


Similarly, enter a link name and choose your Traffic Type. The Aggression here refers to the number of times the collection prompt pops up on the Landing Page; the default is 5 times. If you are worried about being too intrusive, change it to 1; if you want to be more aggressive, change it to 10. Turn on the Traffic Back switch, and in the Traffic Back URL field below, fill in the link to which users will be redirected after successful collection. This can be a smartlink, or a campaign URL from your tracking. Personally, I create a campaign in the tracker, place several smartlinks in the Path, and then fill that campaign URL here.

After saving, there will be an entry like the following in the list:


Clicking Select Landings on the far right will pop up a window like the following:


You can choose the Landings for collecting Push according to your preference. I personally suggest creating one Push Link for each geo, initially selecting all Landings by default, and later adjusting based on performance (turning off those with low collection rates).

After configuration is complete, copy the Push Link from the entry and paste it into your surplus traffic redirection point.


TacoLoco is a traffic source with very high-quality traffic. If you are running dating campaigns, I highly recommend giving it a try. Their Publisher side’s surplus traffic monetization is also excellent, with very good returns.