My AWA2023 Journey

Last week, I went to Bangkok, Thailand, to attend the 2023 Affiliate World Asia. Affiliate World can be regarded as the top conference in the Affiliate Marketing industry. Having worked in this industry for nearly 4 years, this was my first time attending, due to some well-known reasons. Thus, I write this article as a memento. Purpose In July, I received an email from the affiliate network mentioning AWA (Affiliate World Asia).

TacoLoco Network Review

Not just a traffic source Two years ago, I wrote an article introducing this traffic source titled 《Push界的Dating Member Area流量源Tacolo.co介绍》. At that time, I only introduced their Advertiser side, but now you can also use their Publisher side to monetize your surplus traffic. In the traffic source, they have added some new features and ad formats, such as In-Page Push and Direct Clicks. This article will introduce the new features and functionalities added to their Advertiser side, as well as the strategies for using their Publisher side.

Binom No-Redirect Guide

Recently, while learning about Facebook ad placement, the first challenge I encountered was that Facebook does not support redirects. This means I cannot use a campaign URL for promoting like I do with push ads, as using a campaign URL would involve a redirect to the landing page. Some friends suggested I use other trackers, but other trackers are either expensive or slow, none meeting all my requirements like Binom, which is both affordable and effective.

How to test postback with affiliate networks

Whenever we add a new Affiliate Network as a partner, the first thing we need to do is a postback test to ensure that our tracker can track the conversions from the network. The main affiliate programs include CAKE, HasOffers, Everflow, etc., and they all follow the same pattern. Some networks use their own developed programs for tracking. Therefore, we need to communicate with the AM (Affiliate Manager) of the network to confirm the parameters being used, then set the postback URL and test.

How to host your Landing Pages with High Speed and FREE

Preface For newcomers to media buying who are not tech-savvy, the Landing Page can be a headache. Initially, I followed the ‘40 Days’ tutorial and used AWS, but later switched to other solutions due to high CDN costs. You can see an article I wrote before, 《Media Buy之Landing Page的资源文件CDN部署方案》 which some of my Landing Pages still use. However, I am gradually migrating towards the solution that will be discussed in this article.

How to maximize traffic revenue to get extra 30% profit

Most new media buyers have had this question: should I use a Landing Page when promoting offers? My answer is, if you don't use a Landing Page, you're basically putting your money on the table, which means you're missing out on potential earnings! So, what can you do on a Landing Page to make money? This article will show you with the answers. Propush Before we begin this article, I will introduce you to an important tool called Propush.